Links to Information and Resources

To help you learn more about the organic industry, we compiled a list of links for key subjects to leading organizations. Please contact Organic Concepts with any questions. With 70+ years of combined experience, the consultants at Organic Concepts are happy to share their knowledge.

Agencies and Standards

USDA National Organic Program

Canadian Organic Standards

CARTV (Formerly the CAAQ) Quebec Reference Standards

MAFF Production standards for Japan Organic Certification

EPA Pesticide inerts

FDA regulations website search

IFOAM Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements

IOIA – International Organic Inspector’s Association

APHIS -- Info on approved biotech products

Genetic ID


OASIS (Organic standard for the US beauty and personal care products)


GE Handbook of industrial water treatment. A good resource for understanding boiler additives and filtration science

Crop and Livestock Production

Mississippi State University on poultry diseases
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
Herbicide injury diagnostic key
Materials Review

OMRI – Organic Materials Review Institute
WSDA Organic Materials Lists

Organic Certifiers

California Certified Organic Farmers
Quality Assurance International
Montana Department of Agriculture State Organic Program
Idaho Department of Agriculture Organic Progarm
Utah Department of Food and Agriculture Organic Program
Midwest Organic Services Association
Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
Quality Certification Services
ICS/FVO International Certification Services/Farm Verified Organic

Attra Alternative Technology Transfer for Rural Areas. Information about sustainable and organic farming
Rodale Institute Information about sustainable and organic farming
Certified Humane Certification for the Humane Treatment of farm animals
Non GMO Project NonGMO Chain of Custody certification
The Wild Farm Alliance
MOSES Midwest Organic and Sustainable Educations Services
Sweetwater Organic Community Farm