Driving Growth with Certified Organic Products

From baby food and textiles to beer and pizza, new organic products are attracting new consumers and generating sales.

The USDA organic seal has a strong marketing advantage among consumers. To carry that seal, your product must be made in a processing facility and from ingredients that are certified organic by an USDA accredited certifying agency. To get certified requires developing and implementing a comprehensive Organic System Plan, under the USDA National Organic Program. And this must be integrated with your quality and food safety, allergen, and HACCP policies and procedures.

No small task, but Organic Concepts consultants have helped hundreds of processors do just that. So whether you are an ingredient supplier, boutique processor, or have facilities around the world, we can save you time and resources while creating a comprehensive organic program that gets approved by the certification agencies and meets the USDA requirements.

If you are dealing with an urgent situation such as preparing for an inspection, or resolving a notice of non-compliance, Organic Concepts experts can help you get back on track quickly and confidently.





Stanley Edwards
Founder and Senior Partner

"To be successful with organic certification, you need to take ownership of your Organic System Plan and have a strong internal audit program and team. Internal audits are critical for finding your problems before the inspector does.”  

Client Testimonial


Susan Hawkins
Oak State Baking Solutions

"Organic Concepts was a wealth of knowledge, and guided and supported our team through the certification process at record speed. Our team felt secure, prepared and educated throughout.
Thank you for making our timeline and enabling us to meet a new customer's requirements."

Thanh T. Pham,
Quality Assurance Manager,
Vigo Importing Co.
“Maker of Vigo and Alessi Products”

“I would without any reservation, recommend your services to any organization looking for an insightful education in the vast organic field. You were a tremendous asset for our company. Please feel free to come by and visit us at anytime."


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