Who We Are

Organic Concepts consultants are recognized and respected leaders in the organic industry. With our extensive experience in organic certification process, comprehensive understanding of the NOP rule and numerous operations, industries and countries– we offer our clients unparalleled guidance.

We provide our clients with consistent practices and performance across multiple locations, throughout the supply chain. Our consultants operate as a highly coordinated, integrated business, upholding our rigorous operational policies and best practices.

Our clients value our professionalism, analytical processes and attention to detail. Our clients rely on our integrity and objective “tell it like it is” advice and practical recommendations.

Meet Our People

Learn about the expertise of our management team:




Patti Bursten Deutsch

Stanley Edwards

Rick Martinez

Industry Expertise

We have extensive experience in helping clients review and redesign, or develop organic system plans. Our professionals have decades of consulting experience in the organic industry. We have conducted 1,000s of audits and inspections for leading certification agencies.

We have received extensive training in industry specific categories. We continuously pursue credentials and certifications in new subjects, and support professional standards.

We understand the demands of business too. We’ve been in your shoes. Our consultants can draw upon years of direct experience working on, or owning organic farms and food operations.  Learn more about our specific food industry experience.





List of Industries:

Across the supply chain -- from farms and greenhouses to processing facilities and DCs to supermarkets, the Organic Concepts consultants have a wide variety of industry experience.


Beverage Processors – fresh and fermented

Dairy - cheese plants, creameries, dairy operations, yogurt plants

Egg handlers and poultry

Grain and sugar processors


Fruit and Flowers - blueberries, orchards

Meat -- cattle, hogs

Vegetables - Field crops, herbs, leafy greens, IQF, mushrooms, herbs

Retail warehouse/distribution centers

Prepared/Processed Foods